Speak your truth.
Give less f*cks.

What would it feel like to speak your truth, no matter what, because you no longer gave AF about what others thought or said about you?

I see SO MANY gifted, passionate, good hearted people working online who are not being seen and heard because their fear is running the show.

That's exactly why I created this academy. I want to help as many people as possible know what it feels like to be themselves and speak their mind without fear, and to see the amazing results that come from doing that!

The world is ready for you. Your people need you.

It's time to get bold, be unapologetically authentic, and MAKE WAVES!

Yes, I want to stop giving a f*ck.

This is your key to exploding your brand, business, and influence!

Jess helps people see the value in just being who they are. I love her take-no-shit attitude, openness, and good heart.

I love how you show up. You are unapologetic how “you” you are and you are the mother f’ing real. There is nothing fake about you. You have built an amazing brand ad business around your true self.

Jess Has a way with words that encourages you to look deep into your own soul.

I am finally me. Thank you.

Feeling the most confident I've probably ever felt.

I don't give a fuck about what anyone else is doing any more. I feel so much peace and freedom.

I started showing up on social media full out! I also broke my dry spell with signing clients. #BOOM

Instead of thinking 'but waht would people think?' I am now thinking 'but what would *i* Think?'

This academy gave me the courage to leave my abusive relationship! Every day I'm finding more me.

Absolutely do it -- it's great value for the money, jess is real, speaks the truth and is human.

What people are saying...

Academy Details

The DGAF Academy is a 30 day training that will cover everything you need to start owning who you are, what you have to say, and no longer give a fuck! The results? The freedom to be your true self, increased self approval, self love, & confidence, no more fear and anxiety after hitting *post*, a ride or die following online, increased income, bigger impact - and that's just getting started!

Sign me up, jess!

A few things we will cover during these 30 days:

What not giving a fuck and being unapologetic really mean, and why that's so important

Building your foundation for unfuckwithable self confidence

The top 10 fears that keep people from speaking their truth online, and what to do about them

How to feel powerful while being vulnerable

How to deal with a vulnerability hangover

Why you need to stop being "nice"

How to set boundaries to protect your vibe

And so much more!

For only $111 or three totally easy payments of $37!









This is your first step.

How I know a real change has happened: I have to really try to remember where I was at the beginning of last month, because I am a different person now and it feels natural.

Instead of thinking ‘but what would people think?’ I am now thinking ‘but what would I think?’

This is a breath of fresh air from the other personal development/branding courses that make you feel like you need to whiten your teeth more and wash your mouth out with soap first before participating.

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This course will take place in CourseCraft. You will have immediate access to the course upon enrollment, and a new lesson will drop each day for 30 days! Each lesson will include your 5 min training video and homework.

jess blanche

I will teach you everything I know about not giving a fuck, so you can finally feel free, confident, AND have a thriving brand!

private FB group

You will have access to an exclusive Facebook group for extra support during these 30 days and beyond!

what to expect...

Absolutely! Although I do talk about business and branding on some days, the material in this program will help you give generally less fucks and feel more confident to be yourself in any situation.

Will I benefit from the Academy if I'm not an entrepreneur?

That's ok! You will have lifetime access to the Academy material, so you can go at your own pace. There will also be one catch up day per week with no new material.

What if I fall behind on the material?

Nope! You don't have to join the support group to be in the program, since you will receive your videos though CourseCraft. Group support on Facebook is a bonus, and the Academy price will remain the same whether you decide to join or not. I HIGHLY recommend joining the group though. It will enhance your experience, facilitate your growth, and is a safe place to practice speaking your truth without giving any fucks.

Do I have to join the Facebook group to participate?