I see you...

Working your ass off.

Spending a fortune on Facebook ads.

Relying on cookie-cutter marketing strategies and tired sales tactics.

Carefully building your “perfect” social media accounts.

...and feeling miserable and inauthentic while you do it.

You’ve done everything you were told to do, applied all the strategies and listened to all the experts...
All except one that is:    


You know that there is more to having a successful business and becoming an influencer than what you’ve been seeing from other coaches. You want to be fully expressed in both life and business trust your intuition, and learn more about spiritual and energetic principles that your head gets, but your heart hasn't fully embodied. You want someone to teach you how to REALLY manifest your success because you know it’s a LOT more than just vision boards and affirmations!

start your journey

If you're ready for business, spiritual, and emotional growth...
If you’re ready to come home to yourself…
If you're ready to increase your influence...
If you’re ready to find your OWN answers instead of just being told what to do...
If you're ready to shift your perspective on business and discover solutions you didn't even know were there...
If you're ready for a unique experience (No one-size-fits-all multi-step strategies...)







If you've ever thought to yourself, "I'm NOT the persona people see online. I’m tired of pretending to be someone I’m not...


Then take a deep breath and get REALLY excited... because I’m about to rock your world!

see your adventure options below

Single Coaching Session 

(60 minutes) $247

Exactly as it sounds - You, me and 60 minutes of discovery!

hell yes, I'll book a session

Voxer Coaching

(unlimited for 1 month, 1:1 sessions are not included but can be added on) $600

Voxer is an app that works like a walkie-talkie using text and voice memos. This is perfect for you if you:

• Want me in your back pocket so you can pick my brain, ask questions and grab a dose of wisdom right when you need it.
• Want guidance in transforming your brand from amateur to influencer.
• Are going through massive growth and want to keep up your momentum and stay focused.
• Are going through shifts in your life or business and you want a high level of accountability, support, guidance and love.

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Custom Coaching Package

(1-6 months) starting at $1,600 with payment plans available.

Book a consultation and we'll build a 1:1 coaching package completely tailored to you!


Working with jess was not only enjoyable, but incredibly impactful. within a couple of sessions I was making more money, working less hours booking clients who didn't blink at my new rates and feeling more confident overall in business. I have become more visible, gained more followers, and I'm having more fun in my business than ever. What a joy! and where there been fear or struggle, jess has helped me slide through that with ease."

raving reviews from clients

raving reviews from clients

"jess helped me find and strengthen my voice at a time when i was of in compare and despair mode. i didn't want to run my business the way i was being told i had to, and she helped me anchor to my real voice and message and then supported and guided me as i put it out there to attract the people i really wanted to work with. she's the real deal -- good for your soul and your business."

raving reviews from clients

"Since we talked I went from my lowest month ever to my second highest sales month ever, added 60 new people to my group, and my inbox is exploding. I feel like I have made huge strides and am excited and full of hope again."

raving reviews from clients

"In a moment of complete overwhelm about my business, Jess was able to dismantle my fears and help me step by step create my package, align with my pricing, set up a feel good marketing strategy, and get excited about my WHY again. Within 24 hours I had already booked discovery calls and a new client!" 

raving reviews from clients

"Lately, I’ve discovered that when I am in the flow and act according to my intuition, shit just *works out.* WHAT THE FUCK? Like, it’s easy?! Ok! Sign this bish up for LIFE! I can actually see the path to my future way more clearer now because I see myself, accept myself, love myself, acknowledge myself as I am RIGHT NOW. Jess, it’s only been a few days and I have set the world on fire already (you know, in a sexy, fuck yeah kinda way). THANK YOU."

raving reviews from clients

"I really valued Jess's help in showing myself to me - I needed someone who could help me with my mindset and energy, even though this is the exact work I also do with clients. I needed that support for myself and I found that with Jess. I feel that our session has marked a turning point for me, where I'm completely letting go of any struggle in my business and only doing what feels right for me."

raving reviews from clients

“I reached out to Jess about a 1:1 because I was trying to figure out if I should quit my job and start my own business or if I should quit my job and work another job. I wasn’t able to commit to the 1:1 right then, but she had a pop up sale on her 45 min session. I had like $20 in my account and the sale was for 24 hours but I really, really wanted it. My clarity was worth the original price of the 1 hour, and this was a sweet ass deal.

raving reviews from clients

So, my partner checked the mail when he got home that afternoon and there was a random refund check for $300 in there! I told Jess I’d buy the 45 min session if I happened across some money and holy shit if it didn’t happen within a few hours!

raving reviews from clients

We booked the session. I cried a lot. She was badass (duh). And I got my clarity. My purpose is enough. My job isn’t giving me enough money because I’m not meant for this job. I learned what I needed to learn, made some sweet connections, and now it’s time to peace out. Also, I am SUPER fucking supported. Like, you don’t even know. But I was living in fear, doing what I was supposed to do. And Jess helped me see that - in less than 45 min, too! We got toward the end and were like, “uhhhh, now what do we talk about?!” (We found some things.)

raving reviews from clients

I say this to say that an investment in Jess is an investment in yourself. Since I made the choice to go do my own thing, doors have been opening for me, and I’m filling up my teaching schedule faster than I ever dreamed of. I thought maybe I’d be where I am by October. But no - it’s barely even June and I have about half of my overall goal just about met. Jess helped me get to this point by sifting through all the BS, putting a proverbial mirror up to my soul, and saying, “This 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 you! 👏🏼 Now, go be that you!”

raving reviews from clients

Jess didn’t ask me to write this. I just wanted you to know that if you have been walking the tight rope of indecision or lostness, this woman is worth every penny of helping YOU get grounded, ready, and on the right track.”

What is it like to work with Jess?

This process is totally organic - there's no hard and fast structure. You'll learn exactly what you need to learn when you need to learn it.

I'm an intuitive coach and can tap into your authentic alignment. I can quickly help you shift to the path your highest self wants to be on and get into flow/receiving mode. This also means I won't push canned strategies on you, and sometimes your homework will be channeled (in the form of messages or images that the Universe wants me to relay to you). 

My coaching is 80% inner work (spiritual principles and mindset shifts) and 20% strategy.

My agenda is YOUR agenda, meaning that we talk about what YOU want to talk about.

You'll always have a safe space where you can grow, be vulnerable and completely authentic.

We'll focus on where you’re headed rather than where you’ve been. We won't be digging deep into "blocks".

There will probably be tears from both of us. (That's a good thing!)

F-bombs and laughter are encouraged!

have questions? Let's chat.